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At Kodiak, we are proud of our reputation as the leading manufacturer of quality shelters.  Whether you are choosing a simple single car garage or a larger scale agricultural building or airport hangar, you'll soon learn that our products are different than anyone elses.

For those of you interested in getting straight down to business, we've assembled a list of 10 competitive advantages that our shelters enjoy over our competition.  You can place your order by calling toll free to 1-800-699-0244.  Thank you for choosing Kodiak Shelters.

Top 10 Reasons Our Shelters Are Your Best Choice...

1. The Best Warranty in the Business

When you order a shelter from us, you buy protection for your equipment and we stand behind our product.  Compare most manufacturers (with a one or two year warranty) to our 10 Year warranty.  If we install your new shelter, the warranty automatically changes to 15 years!  Also, rest assured, all of our shelters are manufactured with galvanized steel which should protect you for a lifetime against failure.  We are able to offer such a substantial warranty because our products simply last longer.

2.  Heaviest Canvas Construction

All of our shelters are made from a tight weave, 12 ounce, polyethylene impregnated fabric with a rubberized inner coating for waterproofing.  This thick gauge cover ensures that your shelter's contents stay dry and protected from the elements all year round.

3. Ultra Violet & Infra-Red Resistance Layers

Worried about fading the paint on your new hot rod or motorcycle?  Now you are safe.  All of our opaque shelters filter out harmful ultra-violet rays to keep your investments safe from the sun's harmful rays.  Further, we colour our covers to minimize the effects of infra-red heating from the sun.  This colouring prevents damage from heat and keeps the temperature inside your shelter lower.  This protective layer also prevents the covering itself from premature breakdown for a longer lasting shelter system.

4. Kodiak "Wind Guard" Protection

Our shelters were designed and tested over several years in one of the windiest and dustiest environments on earth, the Canadian Prairies.  We discovered that most shelters that are exposed to high winds have wear points were the fabric touches the frame of the structure.  Our engineers developed the Kodiak Wind Guard System to provide tension on our fabric and eliminate wind based wear points.  Over time,fabric buildings require only minimum maintenance.  Over the years, our unique Fabric Ratchet System allows you to tighten your shelter covering in just seconds.  This tightening prevents breakdown caused by your shelter being exposed to harsh winds that would normally destory our competitors.  One more reason our shelters last longer!

5. Foundation Free Design Using "Bear Lock Anchors"

You can save thousands of dollars and days of work time using our Foundation Free Design.  Our shelters do not require concrete or wooden foundations to stay anchored.  Our Bear Lock Anchor Components secure your new structure deep into the ground to prevent any movement or shifts.

6. Roll Down, Zipperless "Secure Lock Entrances" on larger shelters

One of the most common failure points of intermediate to large shelters systems is zippers breaking or wearing..  We do not use zippers on any of our intermediate to large shelters.  Our experience has led us to design Kodiak's unique Secure Lock Entrance that stays shut and keeps out the elements even in the harshest storms and snowfalls.  Rest assured, when you buy Kodiak, we Cover Your Assets˜.

7. Water Proof Coating

Stay dry with us!  Your new shelter system is water proof thanks to a rubberized coating on the inside of our fabric.  This rubberized "Moisture Lock Coating" means that the elements stay outside, where they belong.

8. North American Wide Installation

Our staff travel anywhere, anytime.  Whether you need a first aid shelter at a natural disaster or an industrial storage facility in the far north, Kodiak delivers.  Our experienced staff will be at your location to setup and install everything that you need, on time!

9. Made in North America

Every piece in a Kodiak Shelter is keeping Canadians and Americans Employed.  We are 100% North American built.  There is a big difference in the quality and workmanship between our product and our competitors who import. 

10. Superior Design

All of our structures use galvanized steel frames that are coated inside and out to prevent breakdown not like black pipe or powder coated products that rust from the inside. 

Hoop spacing on single tube shelters are 4 to 5 feet apart not 6-10'.  This will support your covering properly, prevent sagging and more importantly, prevent your fabric from stretching.  This closer support system makes our shelters sturdier and keeps our fabric functioning properly for years to come.

All of our shelters have a full base rail system which allows you to place your shelter on any surface.  Kodiaks will install on grass, gravel, concrete, wooden pony walls, concrete blocks, metal frames, earth, sand, snow, and more.


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Don't Forget to Read our Testimonials Page!

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